Cautela Pros can assist our clients with all statutory changes that can be generally divided to two groups:

  • Statutory changes with the effect in companies' capital (mergers and acquisitions) - we can undertake the whole process of such transactions in terms of legal, tax and accounting services. We would like to emphasize that time planning of activities/procedures and good communication with the relevant institutions is of a key importance. Our international experience and established communication with the relevant authorities can be of a good support to your business decisions;
  • Statutory changes with no effect in companies' capital, but with the change in legal form, for example:
    • Transformation of sole proprietorship to limited liability company;
    • Transformation of limited liability company to joint-stock company and vice-versa;
    • Transformation of personal society to capital society and vice-versa;
    • Transformation of branch office to legal entity etc.

As stated above we can offer you full range of legal, tax and accounting services, based on our practical experiences in the past.

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